Sarah Edmonds Illustration - Peckers Mug
Sarah Edmonds Illustration -Peckers Mug
Sarah Edmonds Illustration - Peckers Mug
Peckers - Mug

Peckers - Mug

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A fun ceramic mug featuring birds from the Woodpecker family. It includes old favourites such as the Green and Greater Spotted species to the brilliantly named 'Hairy' and 'Powerful' woodpeckers - each vibrant bird has its own personality.

It's an ideal gift for nature and pun-loving friends, family and colleagues.

The ‘Peckers’ design reaches right around the mug with the title featured on each side - perfect for left and right handers alike to enjoy their favourite brew.

This ceramic mug has been produced to a very high standard in the UK.

100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mug dimensions: 9.5 cm h x 11.5 cm w (including handle)

Each mug comes in its own sturdy kraft box with a sticker indicating the design. Inside, it is wrapped in an eco bubble bag to ensure full protection.