The Little Mountain Book - by Nikki Northover

The Little Mountain Book - by Nikki Northover

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This book of positivity was created during the first lockdown following the closure of my business in March 2020. A time when home became our sanctuary  and when the one thing I had in abundance was time. During this first lockdown we shifted as a family to a slower pace of life.  The busyness of life had fallen away. And how the sun shone day after day. There was a clear, bright, boundless and unpolluted sky, a louder birdsong. A stillness lingered; the sea shimmered; you could hear the rush of the waves where you couldn't before. It became a time to reflect on my life so far and to reconnect with nature in all its vibrancy.

The Little Mountain Book is a book for quiet reflection- encouraging you to gently look within yourself for answers.

It is about my journey into spirituality, created during a year in which our world was turned upside down by a pandemic, when the edges of all our certainties became blurred. It is a reminder that we are all interconnected; and is shaped by an interest in Buddhism, brushes with angels and an increasing belief in the value of alternative medicine.

It will inspire, guide and encourage you to listen to the still but empowering voice inside you, to look to your dreams, and to allow the beauty that is around you to emerge and protect you from the noise of this world.

For those who have had a particularly difficult time during the pandemic I hope it will help you in some way, and give comfort.

The Little Mountain Book includes photography by Brendan Buesnel, Peter Dibdin, Simon Kossoff, Doug Chalk, Kate Genevieve, Jessica Youé  and Jody Harrison with illustrations by Marina Renee-cemmick, Anjelica Angelica Pownall, Russ Snedker and Annalisa Renee

Cover photograph by Brendan Buesnel