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Our Story

Ginger Zebra is more than just an online store, it’s a community brought together by a shared appreciation of creativity and thoughtful consumerism. Established in 2019, Ginger Zebra has grown and flourished to become an online marketplace that showcases the unique talents of over 10 independent producers. As we’ve expanded we have remained true to our core vision - to shine a spotlight on exceptional crafters and designers while making it easy for consumers to discover pieces they won’t find elsewhere. 

We’ve been built on a passion for supporting independent artists and makers.  Founder Zoe started working in and fell in love with retail at the tender age of fifteen (shout out to anyone who remembers Stead and Simpson!).  She has an expert eye for design, colour and lovely things and also has a pretty serious addiction to buying gifts…. Zoe’s lifelong dream was to open a shop and when she realised how many talented artists and makers struggle to promote and sell themselves she saw the opportunity to use her sales skills to introduce them to a wider audience. She says:

I absolutely love discovering a new artist at a market or craft fair.  It’s hard to stop that ear to ear smile when you connect with an independent maker.  I know it can be difficult for independent talent to stand out and for customers to find unique, special goods. I started Ginger Zebra as a way of introducing gifted craftspeople to an audience who want something more personal & unique than the mass produced products that we find online and on the high street.”

Thoughtfulness is at the heart of what we do, we think the world is hard enough so aim to spread kindness however we can.  Our products are mindfully sourced in small batches (this can mean quick stock rotation so if something catches your eye be quick!) and most are UK made by independent makers.  We are part of the Eco Packaging Alliance and we try our best to take the Earth friendly approach wherever we can. 

Our products are like a Ginger Zebra, you may not have seen one before and you might not see one again but they’re sure to put a big smile on your face.  Whether you are looking for the perfect card for someone special, a thoughtful gift or just something to brighten your day we’ve got you covered.  If you want to hear “Wow, that’s so cool!” when someone opens their gift, check Ginger Zebra first.  Shopping with Ginger Zebra means supporting a friendlier, kinder and more creative world.