The parcel arrived today and it was just like Christmas morning as you had wrapped everything so beautifully! Some of the things are gifts for friends and family and some are for me and I know everything will be treasured. I am sure I will be purchasing again soon, I find your emails to be full of inspiration.

....your products are fab, my favourite stall at the fair because what you sell is realistically priced, different and quirky, so nice to see someone who isn't doing what everyone else is and isn't expecting people to part with huge sums of money for one item. Your products are just what are needed this year of all years!

Many thanks

Thank you very much for dropping the cards round, they’re brilliant. 
My wife’s already been eyeing a few things up from your site, so we’ll definitely be buying from you again. 

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What is Ginger Zebra all about?

Ginger Zebra - creating kindness because life's hard enough.

We're passionate about supporting fantastic artists and makers. We collaborate with friends whose work we have long admired. We stock a range of unique products that will bring personality into your home.

We curate small amounts of stock which means a good variety of products however, rotation will be quick.

We source as much as we can from the UK and will always choose a planet-friendly approach whenever we can.