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Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range
Skewhiffs Candle Range

Skewhiffs Candle Range

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Skewhiffs - a comedy twist on the scented candle - fear not, they do not smell as they seem - quite the opposite. 
Each candle is hand blended, with a wide range of scents available.
Great gift for those who appreciate a play on words!
Hand poured. Soy Wax
Burn time 50 hours +

DRYROBE W*NKER "It's fine once you've got your shoulders under!"
A breath taking scent. Blending bobble hats, swimming caps and neoprene with river water, salt water or chlorine. A sweary submerge followed by frozen bits. Ending with..."I'm only here for the cake!"

RUNNING W*NKER "If it's not on Strava, does it count?"
An obsessive odour. Top notes of swear, stretching (not!) and runners trotts. Blending chaffing and pain with medals and PB's. Finishing with "I definitely need new shoes!"

CAT LITTER TRAY "Has anyone seen the cat?"
A fickle fragrance. Top notes of spray, blended with fur balls, ruined furniture and disdain. Finishing with a never ending supply of dead or alive "Gifts"

WET DOG "Will you get down"
An unmistakable aroma. A blend of river water, fox poo and soggy ball. Followed by whatever that was they ate from the "Pavement buffet"

MENOPAUSE "Is it hot in here or is just me?"
An anxious aroma. Top notes of fatigue followed by insomnia, palpitations, brain fog, confusion and mood swings. Finishing with memory loss, night sweats and memory loss.

COMPOST HEAP "Would anyone like some courgettes?"
A hopelessly optimistic pong. Notes of permanently grubby hands, knees and kitchen floors. Followed by and aching back and an unmistakable hum of manure.

MOTHER'S RUIN "Mum...Mum...MUM!"
A thankless scent. Notes of endless uneaten meals, picking up, dropping off and never peeing alone. Finishing with a muttering of choice words and a large glass of anything. 

PROCRASTINATION "I'll do it tomorrow"
A time wasting whiff. With top notes of delaying tactics mixing "urgent" jobs with prolonged screen time and poor excuses. Finishing with the classic "I wish I'd done it earlier"